About your new puppy.......

Your puppy will be born in my home and will be raised it's entire 8 weeks inside; living among myself, my son, and my other family dogs. It will have it's dewclaws removed between 1 and 3 days old. Your puppy will have been wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks, and needs to be again at 12. Your puppy will have it's 5 in 1 shot (distemper, adenovirus type 1 and 2, parainfluenza, and parvo virus) at 6 weeks of age and you are responsible for maintaining all future shots once in your possession.  We offer a 26 month health guarantee on hips and eyes on all puppies from genetic defects and require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy and pick order. Prior to coming home with you, your puppy will be given a clean bill of health from our vet! 

​We have been feeding your puppy Purina Pro Sport and we recommend if you plan to change it's diet, you should make the switch carefully.  Sudden changes in diet can upset a puppies stomach.
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​We also recommend giving your puppy plain yogurt. Yogurt will help with it's transition from leaving it's mother and entering it's new home with you. Stress occurs when you take a new puppy out of it's natural environment. This means that when you purchase a puppy and take it home, you are creating a stressful situation for the puppy. Stress kills off the good bacteria in the G.I. tract. When anything occurs out of the ordinary, it is stressful. Worming, shots, shipping, riding---all create stress for small animals. Plain yogurt culture puts the good bacteria back into the system so you will have a healthy puppy. 

​Your puppy will be handled, snuggled, loved, and played with every day from the time it was born. At 3 weeks of age we added stimulating toys to their environment. The more we expose them to at this age helps to lessen their fear of things. Your puppy will have played in water (season permitting), ridden in a car, chased pheasant wings on a fishing pole, and will have played with adult dogs in our family.

​Please feel free to contact me with any questions and please send updates and pictures to let us know how your new family member is doing PrairieStateLabs@gmail.com / (217)415-8776 Thank you so much for your business and for giving your puppy a new healthy, happy, and loving fur-ever home! 

​Krissy Evans