Started Dog Riley....

~~ When my family and I planned the trip into Illinois to see Riley, I had viewed several started to finished labs already. I had travelled to Oklahoma to watch some dogs perform, as well as several in Missouri. After talking to Krissy Evans of Prairie State Labs on the phone I knew that if Riley was actually the dog that she explained to me that we would probably take her home with us, so my wife and I packed up my three daughters and headed into Illinois on a Saturday morning. Now, I have had several dogs, but mostly pointing dogs. So I hadn’t had much training myself when it comes to retrievers other than what I had seen from other breeders/trainers that I had already visited. I have been on duck hunts where I had seen really well trained dogs that could run blind retrieves and I had seen other dogs that you wish the owner would have left them at the house. So I was really looking for someone who was willing to answer a lot of questions, and not make me feel stupid for asking them. When I arrived this was the case. Mark from Rock Bottom Retrievers and Krissy were very eager to show me what Riley could do, and spent a good part of the day showing me her commands, and showing me how to continue with her training. It was the most pleasant experience I had had yet, and the dog performed almost flawlessly. We were taking her home! This was 2-1/2 months ago and we have continued to enjoy our time with Riley, both at home and in the field. I work her at least 4 days a week, and she shows a lot of desire to please me and do a good job. She is taking hand casts on whistle and I have no previous experience doing this!! She is great with our other dogs, and she is great with the kids. Our cat has never quite warmed up to her, but that really isn’t Riley’s fault. I cannot wait to duck hunt with her this year. We have done some dove hunting and she did really great with the doves. She sits steady and waits to retrieve on my command. So far I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. These two outfits are top notch in my book. Everything they told me was exactly how it was. Thanks Guys! And I’ll give another update after duck season.

Paul Gaines Farmington, MO

Started Dog Ruger....

My journey with Prairie State Labs and Rock Bottom Retrievers began with seeing an ad of Facebook for a started lab for sale. I had countless questions which were answered honestly and promptly, regardless of how trivial. After a couple days we made arrangements for me to watch both available started dogs perform.

We arrived on a Saturday and met both breeder and trainers and proceeded to a wildlife area. Both dogs performed all basic obedience, single and double marks on land and water, and blinds flawlessly! The performed exactly as I was told they would. No over promising or exaggerated claims, just well behaved, well performing dogs.

We made the difficult decision between the two dogs, and began the six hour ride home with our new family member Ruger. He sat quietly in the back seat  the entire trip as if he belonged there all along, taking turns sleeping on and being slept on by my two stepsons. The first night was uneventful, and within a day he was as at home as if he lived here forever. Ruger is very mild tempered and well behaved, and is accepting of everyone he comes in contact with, including our little ankle bitter we had prior. Hes friendly  personality has made him a hit with everyone he has met.

I could not ask for a more loving, well behaved, even tempered dog. He is truly a credit to the quality of the breeding at Prairie State Labs and the training given by Rock Bottom Retrievers. I fully expected a drop in skills and responsiveness under his new master, but I was pleasantly surprised that he took direction and performed as if I had been working with him the entire time. The first full day we were doing singles, doubles and blinds as if nothing had changed. Ruger's desire to please and drive in the field is second to none! He is as great a housedog and family member as anyone could want, and when it's time to get down to business he will flip the switch and work as hard as any dog to get the job done.

My entire experience with Prairie State Labs and Rock Bottom Retrievers has been top notch and beyond expectations. If you are looking for a pup or started dog I highly recommend contacting them. The dogs have wonderful personalities and manners, and have been trained exceptionally well! What Prairie State Labs and Rock Bottom Retrievers promises they deliver and then some! Anyone looking for a started dog would be well served to contact them and see for yourself the quality dogs they have to offer.

Andy Boehmer

Proud owner of started dog Ruger

Jake and Molly

When my wife and I were starting to look for a lab, we knew we had to find a good breeder. I remember growing up and watching my parents breed labs, I knew how difficult and time consuming it was. Some people let things slide, bloodline included, and ultimately you can tell in the dog's personality and temperament. After speaking with a number of breeders, after 2 minutes on the phone I knew Krissy was where it was at. You could tell her love and passion for dogs just in her voice over the phone, Committing to a puppy from her (even through a long wait) turned out to me more worth it. We picked up our chocolate lab, Jake, Superbowl Sunday February of 2012, and we're getting ready to pick up a black female from Prairie State Labs. Based on our extremely positive and perfect dog Jake, we wanted another dog. We're moving to Missouri in a month and plan to give them many acres of woods, fields, and water to play on. They both will continue to be a significant part of our family as we move forward. If you're on the fence with picking the right dog, whether it's a lab or not, talk to Krissy at Prairie State Labs. She will help you understand everything and make you almost as passionate as she is.


My daughter and I decided we wanted a lab puppy as our other dog is getting older and we felt he needed a friend. I contacted Krissy about one of her puppies and I could not be happier or more satisfied with the whole experience of bringing Bella into our lives. First of all, Krissy is very knowledgeable about her dogs and the breed in general and answered every question I had. She went out of her way to give me as much information as I needed and was very friendly and helpful with my choice. Her knowledge about labs and puppies is very extensive, and I felt very comforted to know that if it didn't work out, she would take the puppy back rather than have it go to a shelter. That made me very happy, as it showed to me how much she cared for her puppies. It was evident that Bella was socialized and had been loved on, which was important to me as well. When it came time to bring her home, I made the decision to fly along with her on her ride to her new home. I really wanted to do it that way instead of shipping, for the dog's sake. I flew down to meet Krissy and Bella, who was kind enough to meet me at the airport and spend some time talking to me about Bella while waiting on our return flight home. Bella did great flying in the cabin as everyone was playing with her even though we weren't supposed to get her out of her carrier. Bella has been such a delight to have and we are so happy that we got her. Krissy's helpfulness does not end when the puppy is picked up. I continue to ask questions and advice, and she is always eager to help out and answer any and all questions. I could not have asked for a better experience and highly recommend Krissy Evans and Prairie State Labs.

 Tara Ramsey

Remi, Sadie and Colt

We would like to express how happy we are with not only our new addition to our family (Remi), but our breeder as well. Krissy took the time with us in our selection, and answered all our questions. At only 10 weeks, temperament in the home and signs of hunting are awesome. I've hunted over a lot of dogs and I have yet to see one this smart so young!!! She is a sponge, soaking up fun and learning every day. I love to boast on her 30 foot retrieves at only 8 weeks old!! Hands down the best bloodlines an breeder we have found! We already have anticipation of purchasing another pup in of her future litters!!

Charles T. (Sonny) Adams C.T. Adams Pest Control Inc. (217)306-2026cell (217)544-2122office (217)544-2668fax

UPDATE: Since this testomonial the Adams family has added two more puppies from Prairie State Labs

Lady Remington
I have had a few dogs in my day, while they were all good dogs I must say that Remi is perfect!!Thanks Krissy Evans (Prairie State Labs) for everything We absolutely ♥her!!!Jack, Destiny, and Jack!!

Ranger Gunner and Shooter
I don't know what breeder ethics are and don't really care either. What I do know however, is 6 months ago I purchased an amazing dog from Krissy (Ranger) the day he was born I believe, because she was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was looking. That dog has turned out to be the best dog I have ever had, and I CAN comfortably say that at six months old. He is healthy, loving, caring, extremely intelligent, and can be taught anything in ten minutes or less. He is the calmest most well behaved Lab puppy I or anyone who know him has ever met. I know much of that is because of his training. But the rest is because of his breeding. His mom and pop are both amazing dogs in their own rights.He is in fact such an amazing dog that when I saw on Facebook that Lexi was having pups last week (12/21/11) I immediately contacted Krissy to purchase another. So take that as a testimony! David GoadSFC,USASent from my iPhone

UPDATE: The Goad Family has since added a chocolate puppy from Prairie State Labs named Shooter


My husband and I bought a female black lab puppy from Krissy.  We have had labs in our home for the last 20 years and my husband has had labs all the time he was growing up.  I have never talked to a breeder who was so knowledgeable about imprinting puppies so they will be good hunting dogs.  We drove three hours from Missouri to Krissy's home in Springfield, IL and was very impressed with how well the puppies looked and the setup Krissy had for them in her home.  You could tell at four weeks of age that the puppies had been played with and were very sociable.  They were healthy and had beautiful coats.  We were not able to pick Selah up for another four weeks but during that time, Krissy sent photos to us each week to keep us updated on our girl.  She exposed them gently to water and pheasant wings.  All of the pictures showed healthy, happy puppies.  When it came time to pick Selah up, Krissy took her time explaining Selah's diet and how using yogurt helped to keep good bacteria in their body when they were stressed going to their new home.  The day we brought Selah home, we took our kids swimming in our lake and Selah went along and was swimming alongside the kids.  That has never happened before with a lab puppy we have brought home.  She is very smart and already knows the sit command, come command, and is retrieving her stuffed "bird" and bringing it back to us.  I would definitely go back to Krissy again to get another puppy.  She is an excellent breeder who knows what she is talking about and does not pressure you to buy as other breeders have done.  Thank you Krissy for providing us with a wonderful puppy.  Please feel free to use my name and phone number if you ever need recommendations.  Todd and Brenda

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