John Lee Yard

01/03/1930 to 12/02/2012

About Me....

About me.....Hi,    My name is Krissy Evans and thank you for visiting my site. I grew up with a father who was a hunter and at a early age, I joined a gun club and learned the basics of shooting along with my two brothers. My parents loved to camp and we spent many summer weekends doing so. I never was old enough to hunt with my father and his Irish Setters, but I can recall going to field trials our dogs performed in with my family. Before long the Irish Setter hunting stock became scarce. I always had a huge love for animals, because my dad raised several litters of pups when I was young. Once grown, I quickly learned that I couldn't afford to own all the animals I would love to have. Because of this, my son and I became volunteers and fostered for the APL for a while.     
Along with many outdoor interests I have, I have always had the desire to raise and train dogs (I must have inherited this my father). I have received so much fulfillment in taking care of these puppies. I love e-mailing, sending pictures, interacting with the puppies and their new owners, and experiencing the owners joy and excitement about their new family member. I feel that I have really contributed not only quality, but something wonderful, warm, healthy, and loyal to this world and the puppies families. This puppy will love them unconditionally! I no longer ask myself "What am I going to do now?” I have found my answer and have since invested a great deal into several other puppies to join my family and enhance my bloodlines. Please visit my pictures to see more about them and their bloodlines.   
Thanks again for visiting my site!